Quick Facts:

  • Area: 6,009.0 km2 (2,320.1 sq mi)
  • Population: 492,182 (2011)
  • Governor: Karan Supphakitwilekhakan (since 2008)
  • Time zone: Thailand standard time UTC +7

Chumphon is a seacoast city at the Central Gulf Coats of Thailand. There are many beautiful and picturesque beaches stretching out more than 200 kilometers of Chumphon seashore. This land is best for those who want to relax in the nature and quiet atmosphere as it still maintains the natural beauty.

Chumphonis a town of tourists transiting from Ko Tao to Ranong or Phuket and vice versa. This land still is able to preserve the natural beauty which is unspoiled by time. Immersing in many attractive offshore islands, Chumphon mainly supports opportunities for sightseeing, sunbathing, swimming, cave exploring, etc. Tourists may have chance to discover numerous National Parks and tropical islands as well as waterfalls and coral reefs.

The climate in Chumphon is very comfortable during the year, having a little bit of rain from May to November. In order to come to Chumphon, you really should rely on travel agencies to book tickets, prepare timetables and provide you with the right bus stop.

Chumphon is known as the golden place for eco-tourism, since there are a lot of amazing sights: the exotic and native flora and fauna and the mysterious underworld sea as well. Set the way to see the scenic Hat Sai Ri beach, the Herbal Garden and the Khao Chao Muang mountain. At the same time, don’t forget to experience the cultural events which reflect Chumphon’s history and agriculture.

Tourists may easily be surprised by the hospitability and uniqueness of local people and their traditions in daily life. Come and visit Chumphon for stunning spots amidst peaceful atmosphere and you will see this place is an ideal for any culture lovers.

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