Quick Facts:

  • Location: Northeastern Thailand
  • Status: Province
  • Population: About 1,127,423
  • Area: About 12,778.3 square km
  • Telephone area code: 066-036

Chaiyaphum (with its name means 'The Land of Victory') lies in the centre of Thailand, 342km from Bangkok and covers an area of 12,778 sq km. Its province is cut into two parts by Phetchabun mountain range, and with four national parks and beautiful flower fields, it has become famous in tourism terms.

Chaiyaphum has a long and intereating history. It has once been under the dominance of the Khmer, then over two centuries ago, it was founded by a group of 200 Laotian people led by Nai Lae during the early Rattanakosin. Being the City of Phraya Lae the Brave, Chaiyaphum is notable for a lot of historical monuments from its storied history. Some popular historical sites are Phraya Phakdi Chumphol Statue built to honor the founder of Chaiyaphum; Prang Ku, among the oldest religious structures of Chaiyaphum, is home to Dhveravati Period Buddha image; Wat Phra That Nong Sam Mun, an old place of worship; etc.

Beside its storied history, it’s remakable for its natural beauty with four national parks: Sai Thong National Park hosting the magnificent Sai Thong waterfall, Tat Thon National Park with dry forest, Phu Laen Kha National Park with breathtaking waterfalls, rocky mountain cliffs and dense forest, and Pa Hin Ngam National Park with several odd rock formations, these are where people can enjoy many interesting activities as jungle trekking, swimming and camping. The area is also filled with various alluring flora and fauna and picturesque Dok Krachiao fields.

Chaiyaphum is also the area rich in culture, it offers many colorful and lively festivals as The Chaopho Phraya Lae Festival, The Candle Festival, The Ram Phi Fa Tradition, The Bun Duean Si Festival and The Dok Krachiao Blossom Festival, which take place throughout the year with various interesting activities and traditional performances.

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