Koh Kong Islands

Quick Facts:

  • Location: located near Koh Kong town, and is part of Koh Kong Province.
  • Status: Cambodia's largest island, sitting 22 km south of Koh Kong town
  • Religions: Buddhism
  • The divers tours centre
  • Many islands, mountains, jungles, rivers, waterfalls, a zoo, casino, and a lot more
  • The beautiful Koh Kong Island Resort

Kok Kong Island, located in Kok Kong Province, is the largest island in Cambodia. Spreading on the total area of 22 km long and 6 km wide, Koh Kong islands is endowed with six pristine tropical beaches, picturesque lagoons, dense mangrove forests, an amazing coral bay and spectacular streams pouring down from high mountain peaks.

In Koh Kong islands, tourists will feel like stepping into a sweet dream. Watching sun gradually lightens the sea water surface by it glamorous sun rays. The scenery is dyed by the gorgeous red color of sun and the space is tinged with glamour and romance. As the sun lightens the whole islands, the scenery suddenly becomes a fresh and colorful picture. The perfect paint of blue sky, white clouds, azure sea, white sand beaches with green forest mountain behind created by nature will give you the feel of peace and relaxing. Several beaches-lined with coconut palms and lush vegetation, long white sand beaches, crystal clear and pure water combine to make Koh Kong island a tropical paradise on earth.

In Koh Kong islands, tourists will have chance to take part in a variety of exciting activities. Conquering the mountain of Caradom on the height of 407 meter above sea level for enjoying great view to the vast sea area will be a fantastic experience for tourists. Ones who are interested in animals and plants may keen on exploring mangrove forests off Pream Krasop or jungles with rich and diverse biodiversity. Koh Kong islands also own stunning lagoons and spectacular waterfalls falling down from hundred-meter-high peaks for you to take great photos. Diving to observe colorful and lively coral reefs at coral bay will absolutely bring you a lot of fun and a memorable experience. Kakaying, swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling are also arousing activities which will surely give you relaxing and joyful time.

Moreover, in Koh Kong, tourists will have chance to taste a variety of tasty dishes of seafood: shrimp, crabs, squids, oyster, fish. It is absolutely wonderful to enjoy a BBQ meal with extremely fresh seafood near the beach, listening to the rhythm of wind and waves, singing or dancing in the moonlight.

Beautiful, romantic, pristine Koh Kong islands will surely bring you sweet memories and unforgettable experience that you should not miss when coming to Cambodia.

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