Con Dao Island

Quick Facts:

  • Location: An island in the South of Vietnam
  • Area: 76 sq. km
  • Notable features: being a witness of Vietnam history and marine tourism paradise

Among attractive destinations in the South, you should not skip Con Dao, a historical place marked by the heroic people of Vietnam. Furthermore, this place is famous for being marine tourism paradise with peaceful scenes of sea, white-sand shore and mountain endorsed by the Nature as well as the gentleness, friendliness of the people of the South.

In 2011, the island was officially recognized by the Lonely Planet as one of 10 most charming and pristine islands on the planet.

Used to be the cruelest prison of the French colony, Con Dao is a key witness of Vietnam's magnanimous history.  The historic remnants of the tragic war are still retained by the chain system of prison, cemetery and monument. If you are a history bug, these remaining relics will give you several meaningful emotions.

The war ended and fierce brutality has gradually drifted into the past or just lurked in the memory of its participants.  Con Dao has developed and changed itself into a worth-visiting tourist attraction of the South. A fresh atmosphere and an ideal place to relax for those who want to be immersed in the pure nature are precious gift that Con Dao gives to visitors. For one who has ever placed his foot here would easily understand why Con Dao is named 'the Heaven of Relaxing'. Con Dao Sea, with fresh blue water area which allows you to see the beautiful coral reef in its bottom, is next to a sloping white sand beach. Unlike other tourist spots, in Con Dao, there is not any hawker who bothers tourists but only an unspoiled beach ready for you to enjoy

Within the small area of about 10 km long and 3 km wide, Con Dao is home for many important beauty sites as Ben Dam Port, Mot mountains standing nearby the historical sites of the country like the Vestige zone of Con Dao Museum (or Palace of Island's Governor), Pier 914, Ma Thien Lanh Bridge. All of them are highly recommended to pay a visit. A walk around the lovely town of Con Dao to feel the romantic, cool and peaceful atmosphere there will surprise you. The life there is very ideal and a bit quiet which is far different from bustle life in Sai Gon.

Lady Phi Yen Temple, the second wife of King Gia Long, is also a tourist site that you should visit. It offers you an invaluable chance to enjoy beautiful architecture along with the interesting legend of its. Not far from the temple, there exists a freshwater lake surrounded by majestic mountains, making a picturesque vista.

In the afternoon, you can make a rod yourself or lease one for squid fishing. It will be a great experience ever. Otherwise, you should taste every fresh sea food which is one of the finest Con Dao cuisines.

The unspoiled landscape of natural beauty with glorious echo of tragic history is the power makes tourists want to come to this one place. Don't wait for another time, let establish a travel plan to visit experience the life in this paradise.

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