Known under the name “Burma” in the early time, Myanmar is the second largest country of Southeast Asia, also is the sacred land of diverse culture with thousands of wondrous sights scattering all over the country. Mymanmar has attracted foreign visitors not only for its spiritual values but also a great numer of exciting things like festivals, adventure, trekking, and discovery.

Myanmar has long been the mysterious country due to its geographical and cultural diversity which has remained lots of its distinctively historic and unique character. Let’s explore the majestic attractions and the wonderful uniqueness of the country, starting with enigmatic historical and cultural remains. Myanmar is the enshrined land with thousands of intriguing sights of temples, pagodas, stupas, stunning images, and ancient monasteries such as Shwedagon Pagoda, Thanlyin, Allied War Memorial Cemetery, Mahamuni Paya, Mandalay Hill, Kuthodaw Pagoda, etc.

Myanmar also owns numerou captivating tourist's destinations in such as Bagan, Yangon, Inle, Mrauk U, Bago, and Mandalay, with the most popular spots including nature trails in Putao, Lake, Pyin Op Lwin and Kengtung; religious sites in Pindaya, Mon State and Bagoand Hpa-An, etc which make it the land of fascinating beauty and unsurpassed charm, and be one of the most mystical and untouched destinations in the world.

Wherever you visit in Myanmar, whether you spend time exploring glittering ancient remains; visiting traditional teak villages, plentiful rice fields, small-town markets, teahouse; cruising along the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River; experiencing hot air balloon, or riding on the back of an elephant, you will always have the feeling of adventure.

Coming to Myanmar, you are welcomed by the warmth and hospitality of local people who are gentle, engaging, humorous, considerate, and passionate – they give smile to you everytime and are willing to give the guide whenever you need.

Location: Situated in Southeast Asia, borded by China to the north and northeast, by Laos to the east and southeast, by the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal to the south, and by Bangladesh and India to the west.
Status: is the second largest country in Southeast Asia
Population: 51,490,000
Area: 676,578 km2 (261,227 sq mi)
Religions: Muslim, Buddhist, Animist and Christian.

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Top 10 Reasons To Visit Myanmar

1 You have traveled a lot to Myanmar? You think you know it well? It’s wrong! This is the land of the diversity, from intriguing culture, long history, gateway destinations, to astonishing vacations which always surprises visitors from all over the world by its undiscovered mysteries.

2 The land of marvelous and unique sights including the Thousands Temples of Pagan plains (with stupas, pagodas, temples and monasteries), the unique leg-rowing technique of the fishermen on Inle Lake, and the striking gold stupa of Rangoon’s Shwedagon Pagoda.

3 Visit Myanmar offers you the chance to explore the place which the 21st-century world has just invaded. In Burma the Theravada Buddhism percepts are the old orient followed by a lot of people in the country in their way of life. It’s really the distinctive land you’ve ever known.

4 Hospitality and open-mindedness is the long-lasting culture of Burmese citizens. Stepping into its land, visitors are welcomed by warm and friendly smile by locals, who are always willing to make friends and answer any your question.

5 With the long coastline of 1,250 miles, Myanmar hosts beautiful and marvelous beaches, of which Ngwesaung is the Southeast Asia’s longest one with numerous fantastic resorts. Alternatively, a lot of beaches along the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea stay untouched and pristine.

6 Unlike other destinations which provide you adventurous exploration, Myanmar will be a new experience for you with historical expedition. Thousands of ancient temples and palaces, pagodas and colonial building remains awaiting for you to explore. A combination with discovering animal and plant species life is also an wonderful experience.

7 Coming to Myanmar, visitors will have chance to enjoy a table of exotic foods, in which each food is a different tradition. The Burmese culture is influenced by Asian and European tradition with the extensive combination of numerous religions as Muslim, Buddhist, Animist and Christian.

8 Lying among the most bio-diverse countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar offers a vast wealth of the unique ecosystems and ecotourism for the eco-minded tourist.

9 Myanmar is the distintive country where you will see certain things almost disappearing in other nations in the region: people wearing traditional clothes and customs. Burmese people – both men and women - still often wear the traditional clothes of their country. Most of women beautify their faces and protect their skin by putting on the muds like fluids on their face or even on their cheeks.

10 Myanmar is a safe country. Security system here is conducted efficiently and the authorities from state to village level do not want to let the foreigners get hurt or lose their property as traveling inside the country.

Top 10 Things To Do In Myanmar

1Witness the magnificent Buddhist festivals of Myanmar, which sometimes take place at temples or villages, in the time matching with the full moon.

2Join in Burmese animated entertainment performances as “a nyeint” (comedy), traditional dance and marionette. Discover a wide range of cultural performances, espeically “Nat pwes”, taking place during religious festivals, sporting events, weddings or even in funerals.

3Experience trekking, majestic ecotourism and ecosystem of diverse arrays of wild species as well as floral & fauna in national parks.

4Take the picturesque view overlooking the entire scenery of mythical Bagan and Mandalay by flying with hot air ballon trip.

5Explore Ngwe Saung Beach, one of the finest and longest untouched beaches in Southeast Asia with silver white and clear & blue water.

6Watch the Irrawaddy River Dolphin, an oceanic dolphin and the unique member of the dolphin family and is a clever and friendly friend for fishermen.

7Cruising along the mighty Irrawaddy River – the most effective way to discover the fantastic landscapes along the two sides of the river and get into real working life of local people.

8Discover the unique technique of Intha fisherman leg-rowing and experience floating garden on the idyllic Inle Lake.

9Witness and learn the process of making the unique Sand Paintings in Bagan, umbrella in Shan State and gold leaf in Mandalay and Shan Paper.

10Try Thanaka, a local cosmetic for multi-purpose, is a mixed paste made from ground bark with attractive design. It has the funtion that protects skin from the sun and is suitable for children and women.

Experiences you can expect in Myanmar

Upward the western of Shan state is the pictureque Inle Lake –  the Venice of Myanmar. Stepping off Nyaung Shwe marina, you will take a motorized boat to navigate through stilt villages, floating garderns and meet locals who spend their entire lives on the water. Passing Ywa Ma village and Kay...

Welcome to Yangon - the biggest and most bustling city in Myanmar, a unique city in Southeast Asia with all nostalgic colors of time and culture reserved over centuries. If you are interested in colonial era architecture, a stroll down Yangon's colonial buildings will definitely blow you away by well-reserved images from the 20th...

Mt Popa - a solitary peak topped by gold stupas, is well-known as the birth place of Myanmar’s ‘nats’ or spirits. (50 kilometers southeast from central Bagan ~ 1.5 hours to get there by car). To reach the top, you need to remove shoes and socks and climb the 777 steps to the shrine at the top of the peak.  Along the...

Bagan - among the most significant archaeological South East Asia sites is one of the densest concentrations of temples and pagodas with about 2,000 monuments remain in various states of repair. Once arriving in Bagan, grasp a terrific chance to see how local life is going through in Nyaung U market:...

Minanthu village, to the east of Bagan, is the place which gives you an excellent insight into the traditional daily life of local people. Taking a walk in the village and you will see people in their daily work: collecting water from well, harvesting sesame seeds, weaving cloth, spinning cotton, making cheroot & silver jewelry, etc....

Surrounded by dozens of monasteries and pagodas, Mandalay is described for a long time as the city of arts, architecture and significant charms  in Myanmar. The further you go, the more likely you are to fall in love with this land. Passing the 40km-long way by car and boat to Pahtodawgyi Pagoda, your mind will soon be filled with all...

Welcome to Mandalay – the city of culture located in the right heart of Myanmar.  Unlike other lively tours in modern cities, your excursion in Mandalay will take you to the outlying areas with fantastic mixture of nature and culture: Riverside hills dotted by gold stupas and pagodas named Sagaing, incredible view...

Welcome to the largest state of Myanmar - Shan State, which is named after the majority ethnic group of Shan people. For first -time visitors, don’t miss the chance to check out a local workhop in Pindaya where skillful locals made many things by hand, including the glorious Burmese parasol (a traditional umbrella...

Apart from the boat trip, there is no better way than a thrilling bicycle tour to experience Inle Lake and hidden surroundings from another angle. A stop at Intha village Kaung Daing and soaking time in hot spring or discovering the local food processing work: manufacture peanut oil, whip up mango fruit leather, and dry sunflower seeds &...

Located only 07 km far from Inle Lake, Red Mountain Vineyard is absolutly worth a visit, especially in the afternoon. Getting to this lovely attraction, you could learn how decent wine is made from locally grown grapes in Burma. Moreover, at the end of your trip, sitting around the winery’s terace and watching the fantastic sunset...

Indein is a small village West of Inle Lake which is renowned for the floating market and impressive ancient stupas with Banyan trees growing out of them. From Inle Lake, by just a scenic 8-kilometer boat ride through a long narrow canal, you soon reach the lively floating ‘5-day market’ rotated every five days around five...

Situated high up above a nice village with small lake, Pindaya limestone caves are worthwhile a visit as a must sight to behold. Deep in the hillsides, looking like an ordinary temple from the outside, the caves contain over 8000 precious Buddhas statues of various styles and shapes making from plenty of materials such as alabaster, teak,...

Take part in an epic trek in Kalaw or there is no better ways to not only discover the amazing landscape but also get an insight into the real cultural life with our experienced trekking local guide, who is always open to any of your question on Burmese life.Situated on the eastern edge of Shan Plateau, Kalaw is a picturesque...

Highlighted on the top of Mt. Kyaikhtiyo, Golden rock pagoda is well-known as one of the most sacred religious sites in Myanmar with the giant balancing rock perched on the edge of a mountain for over 2,500 years. ITo the intriped travellers and risk takers, the 30-min truck journey up the winding roads with lots of sharp turns to reach the pagoda...

Start your new day by an early morning soft trek to Kyeekanpasat (Mouth of Crow) and try rare local fruits along the way.On the way getting back to Yangon, surprisingly, which is not that long boring ride as enroute we will soon stop over at beautiful landscape of Bago - the splendid capital of Mon Kingdom in 15th century. You can...

Leaving the toursity cities full of swaths of tourists, a journey to small town will offer you the relaxing feel and tranquil time that can't be compared. Located on the eastern bank of the Chindwin River, in the middle way from Bagan to Mandalay, Monywa makes it a perfect stop for incredibly peaceful landscape. Within the...

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