Located in the heart mainland of South East Asia, Cambodia, considered as the Kingdom of Wonder, is the country of ancient temples, rich cultural heritages which conjure for tourists the images of a mysterious and glorious past. Since the horrors of the Khmer Rouge’s reign, Cambodia is eventually recovering and concentrating on building the infrastructure, improving economics and especially in developing tourism.

The number of tourists to Cambodia is increasing by the stunning temples, colonial buildings, tropical beaches and abundance of natural attractions.

The Cambodia’s divergent facets provoke the curiosity of both the casual and serious travelers who are generally bewildered and charmed by its mysteries. Tourists will not be impressed not only by the sacred atmosphere of ancient holy places, but also by stunning landscapes, pristine islands, the century beach, colorful pagodas, hill tribes settled in the remote areas and the splendor of the Khmer civilization.

Historic places and ancient temples will bring tourist back to Cambodia’s past. It offers a series of worth-visiting places as Angkor Wat Complex – a UNESCO Heritage site, is one of the world’s ancient wonders, Phnom Penh Royal Palace – a complex of buildings, Silver Pagoda – the Emerald Pagoda, Bayon, the temple and monastery of Ta Promh, Tuol Sleng Museum and Choeng Ek Memorial, etc

Incredible culture, traditional art and theatre are must-see things during the Cambodia vacation. Coming to Cambodia, you will have chance to witness traditional arts and crafts including ceramics, wat murals, textiles, non-textile weaving, stone carving, silversmithing and kite-making. And your vacation is not complete if you don’t attend s traditional Cambodian dance performance. Traditional Khmer Dancing and Apsara Dance Performances play an important part of the Khmer cultural heritage and you can watch the shows performed regularly in Siem Reap of Cambodia.

Beside the visit the temples and watching traditional performances, relax on a gorgeous white sandy beaches or join in some activities as taking a hike trip through the jungle, go strolling the city, enjoy delicious local cuisine is exciting. You can choose some fascinating destinations as Bousra waterfall in Mondulkiri province, Sihanoukville Beach, Bokor National Park or Rattanakiri ecotourism to make your vacation become ideal one in your life.

Location: Located directly east of Thailand, and south of China.
Status: The southern portion of the Indochina
Population: 15,165,293
Area: 181,035 km2 (69,898 sq mi)
Religions: Buddhism

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Top 10 Reasons To Visit Cambodia

1 You can visit Angkor Wat - the world's largest religious building and magnificent archaeological treasures.

2 The mystical history about Cambodia under force of Khmer Rouge is waiting for being discovered.

3 The warm genuine smiles always welcome any visitors with gratitude of the persons here.

4 Each of the temples in Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples tells its own story, where the jungle is slowly reclaiming ancient stone monuments.

5 The capital of Phnom Penh is magnificent with beautifully constructed Plazas and Parks, monuments and statues filled the city.

6 Cambodia has Apsara as the traditional piece of dance in that the dances are not merely dance but are also meant to convey a story or message.

7 The fantastic foods are adapted from some of the great food styles yet still have their own flair.

8 You will be able to taste amazing coffee which is available hot or iced at any time of the day.

9 There are various festivals in Cambodia that show special Cambodian culture and customs that welcome every visitor to take part in.

10 Risk a Life Changing and see how your perspective changes gradually due to what you’ve experienced with their life and culture as well.

Top 10 Things To Do In Cambodia

1Explore ancient temples including Angkor Wat Complex – one of the most spectacular ancient sites on earth.

2Float down the Mekong by renting a boat sailing along the riverside and enjoy a party in the sunset cruise.

3Find out about Cambodia’s history in the Killing Field and Tuol Sleng Museum to see remnants of the PolPot’s cruelty and Khmer Rouge’s reign.

4Trek jungles on an elephant for one day on the back of an elephant and go through beautiful sceneries.

5Discover deserted beaches with white sand, clear water and everything else for a quiet and peaceful holiday.

6Shop at local markets in which you can get is an insight into local culture, foods and probably the best ice coffees in town.

7Learn how to cook Cambodian food to learn why Cambodia’s cuisine is not very popular but it is just as delicious which brings inside particular feature of Asian culinary.

8Drink Cambodian beer such as Angkor with just a little bit of money. Give it a try and Cheers!

9Explore the countryside on a tuk tuk and see in person stunning pagodas, old temples and lush rice fields.

10See river dolphins in Kratie and admire their extremely sweetness while experience a trip at sunset.

Experiences you can expect in Cambodia

When in Cambodia, don’t forget to give yourself at least an hour to immerse through the traditional dinner with ancient art of Apsara Dance. Starting by the movements with deftness and deliberation, the beautiful artists in the sophisticated silk-made tunic will get you amazed by the exquisiteness and enthusiasm with warm smiles. 

Regarded as the largest religious structure in the world, Angkor Wat (Siem Reap, Cambodia) steals travelers’ heart by the astonishing vast and amazing landscape. A wonderful experience to watch the mesmerizing sunrise and to explore the site needs tackling whilst you visit Siem Reap. Don’t forget to take water, hat, sunscreen and proper attire...

Located in the outskirt from Angkor Complex (Siem Reap), the outlying temples is delightfully secluded: a 35km ride to the rural area. In spite of the modest size, the outlying temples will amuse those wanders by the impressive details and fantastic carvings and ancient ruins from Hindu mythology, including the widely known Banteay Srei,...

Siem Reap – one of the most popular destination of Cambodia has no shortage of unique charms — from Khmer classical ruins temples to a UNESCO World Heritage Angkor Wat— and it has been luring curious travelers more by the unique floating life in Tonle Sap Lake. Besides the quaint local boat experience, you will be welcomed by warming smiles...

Welcome to phnom Penh - the capital of Cambodia. Once considered the loveliest city of Indochina, in spite of the recent turbulent history, Phnom Penh still maintains considerable charm. A city tour acquaints us with some major sights of Phnom Penh and help us to know a great deal about the sites, Khmer history and culture both imperial and recent...

Get a great educational and historical experience when in Killing Field - a deeply moving insight into Pol Pot's regime.The excursion will put a lot of things in perspective and why the Cambodian people just want peace after awful era with thousands of impact which is greater and longer lasting. The experience is like...

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